Museums, the New Social Media Darlings百年藝術混搭秒速圖像 博物館上Snapchat吸客

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Talk about a mash-up. Perhaps the most ephemeral of social media channels, Snapchat, is being used to pair pop lyrics with images of centuries-old paintings or artifacts. The images last on a device for up to 10 seconds.

If it seems incongruous to juxtapose an ancient objet d’art with an image that disappears in a blink of an eye, that’s exactly what the Los Angeles County Museum of Art has been doing — to much fanfare. Last spring, its Snapchat account won a Webby Award, an internet honor from the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, a judging body with more than 2,000 members.




This emoji-oriented app, aimed at millennials and teenagers, is bringing a prominent collection front and center for a new generation. “Our strategy is to appeal to the younger audience to get the word out there about Lacma,” Lucy Redoglia, the museum’s social media manager, said, using the museum’s acronym. “These are people who may not be interested in art right away, but might find a connection through something that we post.”

Every museum wants a younger, more diverse audience, said JiaJia Fei, 29, digital director at the Jewish Museum in New York City: Social media has been a huge part of outreach and engagement as a tool of education.”




“Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat are the primary way that people in my generation interact socially,” Fei said, so having a presence on the channels is important in reaching them.

Like those at the Los Angeles museum, in recent years social media managers at institutions around the world have been reaching out to audiences via witty posts on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. They’re delivering quirky, educated content to capture new audiences with short video gallery tours led by a curator or a guest on camera on Facebook Live, or via Instagram real-time feeds, Twitter chats and more.




The Los Angeles museum, however, may be the winner in seizing the imagination of a youthful demographic. It was the first major museum to join Snapchat, in 2014, and its profile has more than 220,000 followers and roughly 85,000 views per snap. Snapchat continues to skew young, with 46.8 percent of its users between the ages of 18 and 24 as of last December.













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